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FOX News
Mar 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
. as the system continues to head east later on today we're talking about severe weather risk in parts of indiana, illinois and missouri, large hail and wind gusts, isolated tornados can not be ruled out. temperatures 20 degrees above average. 79 in kansas city. jon: folks in illinois have to look for tornado possibilities again today. been rough. >> this time of the year. jon: maria, thank you. president obama once again caught with his microphone on, making not so private comments to another world leader. hmm. why mitt romney is calling mr. obama's remarks to the russian president troubling. ambassador john bolton weighs in. jenna: people rebuilding their lives in the wake of this immense destruction you're seeing on your screen. how one woman is using facebook to help tornado victims reconnect with some of their most precious memories. >> all right. >> come on. jon: these videos are everywhere online. kids gagging and coughing as they try to swallow a spoon full of dry cinnamon. doctors say though, this fad is nothing to laugh at. we'll expose the real dangers behind the so-called, cinnamon ch
FOX News
Mar 5, 2012 8:00am PST
staggering, even days later, with schools canceled in parts of indiana, utility crews racing to restore electricity, after the screaming winds knocked down pare lines -- power lines. jen take a look at this picture. this is complicated by the weather issue, it's snow, a few inches falling in some of the hardest hit areas, parts of kentucky also dealing with snow, up to a dozen tornadoes swept through last week, the governor there touring the devastation and declaring a state of emergency. >> the damage i saw yesterday was the worst i've seen. it was total devastation in west liberty, where i went first, in morgan county t. looked like a bomb had been dropped in the middle of town. it was a war zone. jon: that's a good description. we have live team fox coverage. meteorologist maria molina is in the fox weather center, first, though, to mike tobin in liberty, kentucky. mike. >> reporter: jon, you'll see a lot of activity in west liberty, kentucky but what you won't see a lot of are the residents. this town is a virtual ghost town from that aspect, everyone coming and going. one of the mu
FOX News
Mar 30, 2012 11:00am EDT
is america's election headquarters and right now senator richard lugar is in his home state of indiana. the 80-year-old republican is in court challenging a ruling that revoked his voter registration. meaning he can not vote in what he always considered his home pre-sent. all this as lugar is preparing for a may 8th primary. steve brown live in indianapolis, indiana with an update for us. observers say this issue is hurting lugar's re-election chances. is that true, steve? >> i think it is demonstrably true. this guy served six terms in the u.s. senate. 98% voter i.d. and six years ago neither the, faced neither a republican primary challenge or general election challenge. democrats didn't put anybody up. i need to impart a little bit of breaking news if you will. apparently there had been negotiations in appeal hearing about lugar's voting registration status going on between his attorneys and the attorneys for the american county election board. what the status of those we're not certain but there have been some sort of negotiations going on. but lugar has been hurt by this issue. ho
FOX News
Mar 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
the newsroom from a terrible school bus crash in indiana. this story still developing. heather has been watching it for us. >> reporter: here is what we know. one child and the driver did not survive. two other students are apparently critically injured. the school bus from lighthouse charter school in indianapolis was making its mourning rounds. witnesses say everything seemed normal, then they heard screams from the children on board the bus, violently colliding with the concrete pillar of an old railroad bridge. the bus left in a crumpled mess with one side of the bus peeled back complete lee from th completely. the injured were take into indianapolis hospitals. one of the children had to be rescued from under the front wheel of the bus. tam lee pressley was on her way to work when she saw the crash and tried to help. >> i seen one of them laying on the ground covered up. and then my mom called and said she heard on the news one of the kids had passed away and the bus driver had passed away. that is very sad. it breaks my heart. one lady's kids was on one of the buses, she came freak
FOX News
Mar 2, 2012 8:00am PST
hours. already tornado watches in effect for parts of missouri and illinois, indiana, again, this is the hard-hit region we saw the tornados earlier this week. then we have another tornado watch for parts of northern al many ba, in through tennessee. that is where we have active tornado warnings. this tornado warnings north of huntsville, damage reported to houses and high school according to the national weather service and trained weather spotters as well as law enforcement officials. we head northward portions of tennessee, east of cooksville, another tornado warning. this is doppler radar indicated. we're seeing signatures we see typically with these cells on doppler radar. already starting to see some very real damaging storms from this storm system and it is going to continue throughout the afternoon and evening. all of those ingredients are coming together. we see the white shaded area, not often, one or two or three times a year. the storm prediction center thinks all ingredients will come together for a long-lived, potentially destructive tornadic event. as we head
FOX News
Mar 6, 2012 8:00am PST
is surveying some of the worst tornado devastation in the state of indiana. henryville, nearly wiped off the map by a raging funnel cloud, and today inspectors are deciding whether the city qualifies for federal disaster aid. it appears to be a no-brainer but there is something you have to go through and check off the list to get that money to the people. lawrence smith reporting from henryville right now. >> reporter: the day after the storm broke cool and clear over henryville, revealing a community under siege. the tornado flattened buildings, ripped trees, and overturned cars. x marks the spot where rescuers had checked for victims. the school bus had been tossed across the road and slammed into a building. 14-year-old preston perry had got even off the bus just seconds earlier. >> i feel all of us were very lucky to get off the bus that quick, because we could have easily all been on it. thank god we did. >> reporter: preston's mother was the bus driver. she was still too shaken to speak. >> thankfully everybody is okay. >> reporter: jeff harrell was among 70 teachers and students i
FOX News
Mar 8, 2012 8:00am PST
in indiana. the driver allegedly hit three people, killing a corrections officer. police will not say if person in custody is a suspect. jenna: well, a new warning that china's military is targeting america and that we're just grossly underprepared for what's to come. congress is taking up this issue of cyber warfare today, an advisory panel is warning the attacks could target our power grid, our telecommunications, our military command centers, and the panel says china is preparing for this each and every day. and while we know it's coming, we don't have a standard policy on what we do when it does. peter brooks is a senior fellow for national security affairs at the heritage foundation and, peter, we mentioned a few things there; telecommunications, military command. if we have a cyber attack and it effects a hospital or if it effects busy streets, we're talking about a loss of life. how serious could this potentially be? >> well, jenna, we actually know that the russians and chinese have mapped our electrical grids, for instance, part of our critical infrastructure, and if we were
FOX News
Mar 13, 2012 11:00am EDT
reviewed one of these laws a couple years ago in indiana, one of the first states to adopt such a law, and it was a 6-3 decision holding up the law as written by the liberal justice john paul stevens, and he said the state, obviously, has a very important interest in insuring the security of elections. and this just seems the most basic security measure you can take, just asking people to prove who they are when they show up at the polls. jon: the american civil liberties union, as you might expect, disagrees with you. they say that among other things obtaining a photo id presents a substantial and unnecessary barrier for many of our nation's citizens. >> it just strikes me as absurd. anyone can get a photo id. it's a perfectly easy, um, texas is going to provide for free an election identification document for anyone who wants one. the states have adopted these laws, they've seen no downturn in turnout whatsoever. georgia has a law that the justice department approved in 2005, and the first presidential election with this law in place was in 2008, minority turnout in georgia -- accor
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)